As a commitment to investing in all our schools we are so pleased with the successful completion of the new Early Years Outdoor Area at Burtonwood Community Primary School.

The new EYFS outdoor area has been unveiled, promising an enriched educational experience for our children. This project was completed by Pentagon Play, a leading expert in the field of educational play environments. They have rejuvenated the outdoor area which is set to inspire and engage young learners, providing them with ample opportunities for exploration, creativity, and physical activity.

Active play is also at the forefront of the outdoor space and the bespoke design offers a wide range of textured surfaces, enhancing sensory experiences and each surface has been carefully chosen to encourage tactile exploration and learning.

There are ample opportunities for creative play with areas to build dens and play outdoor musical instruments as the area fosters imaginative play and cooperation.  Moreover, the project emphasizes the importance of outdoor learning, with shelters providing opportunities for lessons to be conducted in the open air.  This will not only offer a refreshing change of learning environment but will also enable our children to connect with nature while they explore new concepts and ideas.

A well-designed outdoor environment can have a profound impact on children's development and their love for learning.  Pentagon Play has a strong track record in creating innovative play areas for educational institutions and this project has once again demonstrated their expertise in transforming learning spaces.

The investment into the outdoor area aligns with our mission to provide the best school experience for every child.  We are looking forward to all our children exploring the area.