Make an Impact: Become a Local School Governor

Our schools in Warrington are seeking committed and enthusiastic individuals to join their Local Governing Bodies to help provide the best possible education to our students. As a Governor, you'll have the opportunity to make a real difference by working closely with the school's leadership team to ensure that all children receive the support and guidance they need to succeed as well as the best possible education to our students

Our schools are looking for people from all walks of life who are passionate about education and have a strong desire to help make a positive impact in our community. Whether you are a parent, a local business owner or a retired professional, your skills and experience would be of real benefit as a Governor.

As a Governor, you will have a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Working with the school's leadership team to set strategic goals and priorities
  • Overseeing the educational performance of the pupils, and reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the curriculum and the quality of education
  • Ensuring compliance with Trust wide policies and approving school specific policies
  • Engaging with parents, teachers, and students to gather their feedback and views
  • Making important decisions about the school's future direction and development
  • Regularly reviewing the wellbeing and safeguarding of all pupils and staff at the school
  • Monitoring compliance to the Trust’s Health & Safety Policy and any school specific Health & Safety related policies

By volunteering your time and effort, you will be joining a group of over 250,000 volunteers nationwide and whilst there are important decisions to be made there is a great deal to learn! You will  have the chance to acquire invaluable experience, cultivate new skills and take pride in positively impacting the lives of young individuals. Additionally, you'll have the prospect of expanding your network, and making a meaningful contribution to the broader community. There are no qualifications needed and we welcome individuals from all backgrounds.

To download a copy of our Make an Impact: Become a Local School Governor booklet click here


What is a Local School Governor?


Local School Governors work closely with school’s leadership team to ensure the best educational outcomes for all students. They provide strategic direction, support, and accountability.

New governors are often surprised at how their experiences can be used to help solve problems at their school -  just think about the skills you use in everyday life! Being a school governor is a big responsibility but can be one of the most rewarding ways of contributing to your local community.

Governors can:

  • Make a difference by influencing education and development of young minds.
  • Have community involvement by contributing to the growth and success of your local school.
  • Have personal growth by gaining new skills, experiences  and insights into the education sector

Could you be a Local School Governor?

Becoming a school governor is a rewarding way to contribute to the success and development of local schools. If you are keen to help shape the future of education, you could be an ideal candidate for this crucial role.

Are you:

  • Confident, curious, challenging, and creative?
  • Committed to ensuring all children get the best from their education?
  • Able to dedicate time and effort to understand a school, attend meetings, and review documents?
  • Comfortable asking challenging questions and analysing responses?
  • Open to new ideas and willing to learn?
  • Interested in working with people and being part of a team?
  • Proficient in literacy and numeracy?
  • Eager to give back to your local community?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then we would be keen to talk to you about becoming a Governor! 

What responsibilities and opportunities do Local School Governors have?

By taking on various responsibilities and engaging with various opportunities, governors can make a significant impact on both the academic development for students and personal development for themselves.

  • Raise educational standards in your local school by overseeing the educational performance of the pupils and reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the curriculum and the quality of education
  • Help children achieve their full potential
  • Support  the school's management team
  • Identify where the school can improve and help make it happen
  • Support the school's financial efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engage with parents, teachers and pupils, gather their feedback and views.
  • Work as part of a team, towards a common goal
  • Acquire new skills, new friends and a real sense of achievement
  • Share in and celebrate the success of children, staff, teachers and the school as a whole
  • Ensure compliance with Trust wide policies and signing off school specific policies
  • Regularly review the wellbeing and safeguarding of all pupils and staff at the school
  • Monitor compliance to Health & Safety related policies

What do our Governors Say?

Ronnie Gemmel

Ronnie Gemmel

Governor at Park Road Community Primary School

“Having spent my entire career within a military environment in an engineering discipline, I had little knowledge of other career paths that people had embarked on and I wanted to broaden my experiences to get a flavour of other walks of life. When the role of School Governor became available I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to do exactly that and get involved with a diverse cadre of professions. It has not disappointed and I’m now working alongside professionals from areas that would never have been possible with my current full time employment. It’s not an undertaking to be taken lightly, there is a responsibility to devote time and effort to the role, but for me, the experiences gained outweigh this commitment.”

Michelle Kilmurray

Michelle Kilmurray

Chair of Governors, Park Road Primary School

“As a governor, I really enjoy the challenge of applying my professional skills in a different area. I have valued the training and networking opportunities that have equipped me to develop in this role over time. I find it rewarding to contribute to the education of future generations.”

Lisa Hope

Lisa Hope

Parent Governor, Burtonwood Primary School

"As a Scheme Actuary, I am involved in a professional capacity in advising trustees on the funding position of their pension schemes and in part my role also involves consulting with trustee boards on standards for good governance. Being a School Governor allowed me the opportunity to sit “on the other side of the table” so to speak. When my children first started school, I was approached and asked to join the governing body as they had identified a “skills gap” and needed someone from a financial background to support the existing board. Until this point, I wasn’t really aware of what the role of a School Governor entailed. However, here I am some 8 years later and still enjoying it! What I find most rewarding, having been a pupil at the school myself is being an instrumental part in striving to achieve the best outcomes for local children, holding school leaders to account in helping every child fulfil their aspirations and achieve their best. On a personal level, I’m pleased to say it’s not all one sided and I’ve also developed new skills and knowledge too, which has supported my own professional development.”


How to Apply

If you're interested in becoming Local School Governor, we'd love to hear from you.

Please complete our application form here or if you would prefer to have an informal chat with our Director of Governance than drop us an email at

Together, we can shape the future of education and ensure that all young people have access to the high-quality education they deserve.