High quality learning and development opportunities for all colleagues are vital if we are to provide the very best education for our pupils. Learning and development will be strategically driven, responsive to need and will draw on expertise from both within and outside the Trust. The strategy will support continuous improvement at all levels, reflecting our philosophy that regardless of career stage or job role, we can be ‘better every day’.  Collaboration is at the heart of our work to draw upon talent from across the Trust whilst supporting innovation and research by forging exceptional partnerships from the wider education/non-education sector.

We are committed to providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for all our colleagues. High quality learning and development opportunities are vital if we are to provide the very best education for all.  

As well as the statutory training required we offer all our employees the chance to learn new skills, grow their knowledge, realise their potential and meet their goals. Our strategy focuses on three key aims:

  • Proactively identify opportunities for professional development, to ensure all colleagues, teaching and co-professionals, are equipped to embrace future challenges.
  • Develop and implement networks and practices that harness the power of school-to-school support, from within and beyond the Trust.
  • Deliver professional development that promotes improvement in the professional practice of all colleagues appropriate to career stage, job role and aspirations

Take a look at what opportunities this academic year below

In addition to the statuary Keeping Children Safe In Education mandatory training, we provide a range of bespoke and specific training delivered by external experts specially designed for key safeguarding staff.

This year we have a focus on:

  • Online training on using and auditing our Online Single Central Records
  • A session to spot signs of possible county lines involvement, dangers of drugs and signposting to services.
  • Awareness Raising training identifying young carers within school settings and pathways to referral into support services. 
  • Drug and alcohol training delivered by Warrington Youth Service. 
  • Training from LADO, tos provide advice and guidance to employers and voluntary organisations, liaise with the police and other agencies and monitor the progress of cases. 
  • Training on social care which draws on experience of complex cases, chaired high-risk Multi-agency meetings and Domestic Homicide Reviews.
  • Contextual Safeguarding Training including Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines, Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery and Radicalisation of children and young people by extremist groups.
  • Training from our independent domestic violence advocates, providing emotional and practical support to victims from the point of crisis.

The suite of NPQs is promoted to colleagues across the trust as a vehicle to support their professional development. To nurture emerging leaders, we provide an Aspiring Leader Programme which will inspire the next generation of leaders within our schools to focus on the core values, qualities, skills, knowledge and habits that will make them outstanding leaders of the future.

As a delivery hub for the Early Career Framework we work in partnership with Bright Futures Teaching Hub and Teach First. Year One ECTs and Mentors receive high quality professional development seminars facilitated by the trust School Improvement Team  using Teach First materials.  Year Two ECTs will access the Early Career Framework via Bright Futures who facilitate online seminars in subject specialist groups (e.g. Maths, English, History) and phase groups (e.g. Primary, EYFS). 

Deliberate Practice allows teachers to isolate key aspects of their teaching practices, rehearse them outside of the classroom and improve them through feedback. Twelve Core Deliberate Practice Clinics focused on Culture & Pedagogy help build collective efficacy – these are delivered during six 60-minute sessions and are suitable for teachers and TAs across both primary & secondary phases.

Our team of Teacher Educators are highly skilled facilitators who play a vital role in the effective development and delivery of PD. This involves delivery of Deliberate Practice Clinics or working with individuals through an instructional coaching model. We support our TEDs to collaborate through a termly network, providing opportunities to engage in the latest research. Additionally, we provide training for new or aspiring TEDs.

Strong networks support effective sharing of best practice, promote innovation and underpin a collaborative culture. Eight networks have been established and led by strong practitioners from within the trust.  We embed the work of these networks, expand them further and ensure they are strategically driven.  We support the release of lead practitioners and provide structured opportunities for them to network.  We establish subject & leadership networks at secondary phase to facilitate work on curriculum and assessment.

Trust-wide moderation of writing at KS1 & KS2 is a supportive process enabling colleagues to engage in professional discussion about standards & outcomes.  In addition to processes which take place within schools, trust-wide moderation supports benchmarking in addition to sharing of curriculum ideas and resources.  We facilitate termly moderation for all primary year groups and secondary subjects where appropriate, utilising expertise from outside the trust if necessary.

Details coming soon!

We will be announcing our new Associate programme very soon!