Omega Multi-Academy Trust was formed in 2018 and our mission and aims sit at the heart of our strategy; to provide the best school experience possible for every child and to be the best employer we can be. Our values place our staff and students at the core of education and ensure a common direction and purpose across the trust.

We educate over 5000 children, students and young people across Warrington and Liverpool, with our five primary schools and our two large high schools with their associated sixth forms.  We strongly believe in the power of genuine collaboration and school-to-school support, so as a trust, we exploit every opportunity that arises to embrace the sharing of best practice and celebrating our many strengths.

We pride ourselves on nurturing a culture of inspiring education which emphasises the knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable all to be resilient and aspirational.  

We embed innovative, high-quality teaching and learning into our curriculum whilst keeping the best interests of our students at the centre of everything we do.

With over 600 employees we invest heavily in continuing professional development, providing excellent career progression paths, offer a range of leadership programmes and a gateway to a huge range of benefits and wellbeing tools. Our training courses are supported through national and local partnerships and founded on the latest research which underpins our focus on the quality of education, learning and improvement.  

We are currently working towards our key aims as laid out within our three-year strategy.  Our plan covers six key strategic areas: School Standards, Governance & Compliance, Learning & Development, Professional Services, Finance & Estates and People and you can read it here.  The plan was formulated collaboratively between our executive team, headteachers, members of local governing bodies and wider staff across the trust and is designed to shape the future development of our Trust and guide us to achieve our key mission and aims.