Alsop High School is thrilled to announce its significant achievement in their latest Ofsted inspection, with a notable improvement from the previous rating of "Inadequate" to "Requires Improvement".

The report, published today, highlights several positive aspects of the school, acknowledging the efforts of the current Headteacher, the Trust, and the newly formed Local Governing Body noting that it is bringing much-needed stability to the school.

The incredibly rigorous and challenging inspection process, involving one HMI and five additional Ofsted Inspectors, over two days, highlighted many strengths of the school.  The report details that leaders have a sharp focus on improving the curriculum and in most subjects, curriculum plans are ambitious and well thought out. Leaders have high expectations for pupils’ academic achievement, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  It noted that pupils, including students in the sixth form, are beginning to benefit from an ambitious curriculum that has been well designed in most subjects.  

Paul Masher, Headteacher, welcomed the report and the findings and said

“The report and feedback from the Inspection Team during the inspection validates our internal evaluations and recognises the progress we have made as a school, the commitment and ambition of our staff, alongside the positive attitudes and contributions from the overwhelming majority of our students.

There are many positive references detailed within the report as to where we are on our school improvement journey, our ambitions for our school, our young people and our wider community, and how we are shifting the culture positively. All moving in the right direction!

However, we are still on a school improvement journey and we continue to work together to ensure that, in line with our school vision, we provide the best possible school experience for every child in our care.

We know what our areas of challenge and areas for improvement are and we have clear plans to bring about the necessary improvements in the next phase of our journey to becoming a high-performance learning school who provide the best academic, social and personal development opportunities for our young people”.

Beyond the classroom, Alsop High School places great importance on fostering a well-rounded education. The school offers a diverse range of extra-curricular clubs allowing students to explore their interests and develop new skills. The recent introduction of a personal development program demonstrates the school's commitment to shaping responsible and active citizens.

Inspectors also commented on the school’s committed to the well-being of students and shows that they feel well cared for.  Safeguarding was deemed effective and that leaders have a clear understanding of the risks that pupils may face in the community.

Despite all areas requiring improvement, the Inspection Team acknowledged that leaders and Trustees are aware of the necessary steps to enhance the school and are already acting to bring about the required improvements.

Alsop High School has already started to implement the recommendations outlined by Ofsted to drive positive change and continue on their school improvement journey in their mission of “Achieving Excellence Together”.