We are thrilled to announce that Bradshaw Primary School in Grappenhall, Warrington has joined Omega Multi-Academy Trust.

This is an exciting time for us as we grow as a trust and we are delighted that Bradshaw has chosen to join us. We are confident that the whole school community, will find us to be a caring and hardworking organisation who place the aspirations and wellbeing of our children, staff and the wider community at the heart of everything we do. Our trust is committed to excellence and implementing world-class education.

The school officially converted to an academy on the 1st April, and during the recent school holiday period, priority maintenance and development works were completed around the school grounds and additional, significant capital works plans have been drawn up. We have implemented a series of transformative upgrades at the school, bolstering both technological capabilities and maintenance solutions to support teaching and learning and the wider school environment. Notable upgrades include  a new internet service, cloud-based telephone system, server upgrades and the installation of new smart boards. Repairs and replacements have been made to various areas of the school, including the conservatory roof in early years, a new full perimeter fence and the addition of new outdoor seating areas for the children.

CEO, Christian Wilcocks said "We are thrilled to welcome Bradshaw Primary School into the Omega Multi-Academy Trust. Together, we are committed to providing the highest standards of education, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, and ensuring every child reaches their full potential. We are very proud of the team that has completed such significant works, in such a small amount of time and we are excited for the future at Bradshaw Primary School"

To celebrate the partnership colleagues at Omega Multi-Academy Trust welcomed families, staff and children back after the holiday break with special events throughout the day.  “Wolfie” from Warrington Wolves brought along a few of his teammates and engaged the children in fun activities throughout the day, adding excitement to break time and lunchtime. Additionally, children from our other primary schools, (Burtonwood Primary School, Chapelford Village Primary School, Park Road Primary School and Westbrook Old Hall Primary School) attended a special assembly, sharing insights into their respective schools with all the children from Bradshaw.  It was great to hear about the unique characteristics of each school and how different they are all are, but all with the same passion and enthusiasm for their schools.

Mrs J Hewson, Director of Education, who led the assembly said “the children from across the different primary schools loved meeting each other and we know that this is a start to cross school collaboration where children from across the trust can support each other in their learning"

Mr C Short , Headteacher of Bradshaw Primary School said  "This partnership will enable us to build on our successes, improve upon valuable resources, and provide our children with a diverse range of opportunities to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. The support from Omega Multi-Academy Trust, combined with the enthusiasm of our staff, children and community partners, sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead"

As we embark on this next chapter for our Trust, we look forward to continuing to nurture young minds and shaping the future of education at Bradshaw Primary School.