We are very proud of our exceptional benefits package designed to prioritise the wellbeing of our valued staff members. As part of our commitment to deliver the best educational experience for every child, we aim to be the best employer we can be. By fostering a supportive work environment, we recognise the instrumental role of our employees in achieving these goals.

Our comprehensive benefits package aims to reflect our support to our staff in both their professional and personal lives. We believe that by providing the right resources and support, our colleagues can thrive and contribute to the success of all our schools and communities.

At the forefront of the benefits package is our employee wellbeing tool, 'OmegMatPlus+'. This user-friendly app and online portal has already made an impact on the lives of the colleagues, with resounding success. Within the OmegMatPlus+ app, staff members can access a range of features that cater to their financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing.

The OmegMatPlus+ app offers a broad suite of resources, including mental health support tools, mindfulness practices, a fitness hub, nutrition guidance and healthy recipes. Additionally, employees can benefit from on-demand GP appointments for diagnoses and prescriptions, ensuring convenient access to healthcare services. A dedicated life advice channel provides weekly articles covering all areas of wellbeing, empowering employees with actionable advice.

Our Employee Assistance Programme which offers confidential 24/7 access to trained advisors who provide invaluable support, is also included. Furthermore, they can offer debt advice to address financial concerns and direct employees to further assistance, confidentially with actionable advice.

As Omega Multi-Academy Trust recognises the importance of physical fitness our package provides gym membership discounts at over 3,500 facilities across the UK aswell as cycle-to-work incentives, which include discounted bikes and cycling equipment. The offer even extends its support to wearable technology enthusiasts by offering discounts on leading brands like Garmin and Fitbit.

In addition to these offerings, the platform provides our employees with exclusive discounts on renowned brands and high street stores, ranging from supermarkets and leisure activities to cinemas and restaurants. Through the 'Let's Connect' program, staff members have the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge home technology via a convenient salary sacrifice scheme, featuring leading brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung. The beauty of our salary sacrifice scheme lies in its flexibility. Our staff members can spread the cost of their desired item over time, making it more accessible and convenient. Plus, they can enjoy significant savings on Tax and National Insurance contributions.

There is even an opportunity for staff to acquire an electric vehicle through the Octopus Electric Vehicles salary sacrifice scheme.  This enables staff to embrace eco-friendly living by acquiring a brand-new electric vehicle with no upfront costs.

Our comprehensive benefits package extends beyond the OmegMatPlus+ app, as we ensure all our employees enjoy a wide range of standard offerings. This includes a pension plan with generous contributions tied to salary and death in service cover for added security. We offer enhanced arrangements for Maternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave, along with standard Paternity Pay. Family Leave is also included which covers compassionate, dependant, carers, and bereavement leave to support our employees with additional commitments. Smart Clinic Occupation Health Services are also available to cater to the overall physical wellbeing of staff members.

Our benefits and wellbeing package has been thoughtfully devised by listening to the needs and aspirations of our staff. By prioritising mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing, the trust aims to make a long-term difference in the lives of our employees.