A group of primary students from Burtonwood Community Primary School and Park Road Primary School have been awarded the Student CEO Award. The award was given to the students for their outstanding contribution during the school's recent headteacher interviews.

The group of students, from across the school years, played an important role in the interview process. They were praised for their professionalism, enthusiasm, and kindness, which helped to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for the candidates.

In recognition of their efforts, the students were invited to a pizza party. The event was a lively and joyful celebration, with the students enjoying a delicious spread of pizza, snacks, and drinks while sharing stories and laughter.


Great Sankey High School is celebrating the recent success of one of its staff members, Gill, who won the Staff CEO Award for her outstanding performance in the school. The award was presented to Gill for her hard work and exceptional dependability.

Gill, who was overwhelmed by the recognition, expressed her gratitude for the honour. She said, "I am so grateful to have been recognized for my work at the school. It's an amazing feeling to know that my efforts have been appreciated."

The Headteacher of Great Sankey High School, Gary Evans, was full of praise for Gill's dedication and hard work. He said, "Gill is an exemplary member of staff who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our school runs smoothly. She is highly dependable and always willing to help wherever she is needed. She truly deserves recognition for a job well done!"

As a token of appreciation, Gill was awarded a prize for her outstanding work.